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the value of our single premium immediate annuity Get a quote, . Calculate Fixed Annuity in Retirement Discover how a fixed annuity can fit into a retirement savings strategy, Frontier annuity Learn More


or more, our Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) guarantees your clients a consistent cash flow

SecureGain 5

with SecureGain 5. This fixed annuity offers a 0.25% first-year interest rate bonus, and a base

SecureGain 7

with SecureGain 7. This fixed annuity offers a 1% first-year interest rate bonus, and a base

American Custom 10

their retirement goals with American Custom 10. This fixed-indexed annuity offers a suite of innovative

Index Protector 7

by Investment Advisor Representatives doing fee-based planning, this zero commission fixed-indexed annuity

SPIA Quote Calculator

annuity. General Quote, to Purchase Payment Annuity Benefit Certain Period Only, Information Annuity Payment Percentage 100% 50% Secondary Annuitant Information First

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American Landmark 5

-indexed annuity offers multiple indexed strategies, accepts additional purchase payments during