For many financial professionals, the definition of success is as unique as the individuals they serve. 

We’re proud to share what success means to industry experts who are creating Great Retirements with the help of products from Great American.

Why Great American? 

It’s simple. We’re specialists who focus on transparent and easy-to-understand annuity products designed with clients’ retirement needs in mind. With a heritage dating back to 1872, we have the financial strength and stability you and your clients can count on for years to come.

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Why Annuities?

Annuities offer several key benefits that can make them powerful additions to retirement income plans. Here are three ways you can use annuities to enhance a portfolio:

1. Annuities as a source of predictable, guaranteed growth
If you’re looking for a way to increase the amount of guaranteed lifetime income in a portfolio, an annuity could be a great option. Allocating a portion of existing assets to an annuity can help supplement other sources of guaranteed income like social security benefits, which only account for about 40% of retirement income.1

2. Annuities as an option to protect market gains
As clients near retirement, it’s more likely that focus will shift from high-risk investments to protecting what they’ve accumulated. Assets that are allocated to an annuity receive complete or limited downside protection, reducing the impact a dramatic market downturn might have on a portfolio.

3. Annuities as alternatives to traditional fixed-income investments
Over the last 30 years, the interest rate yields on 10-Year U.S. Treasury Notes have trended down, hitting a historical low of 1.37% in 2016.2 Previously higher rates were providing decent returns in fixed income investments, but now clients may be seeking alternatives. Annuities can provide lifetime income after growing money at a fixed rate, or at rates linked to indexed strategies that provide exposure to market growth, which may help accumulate more assets for retirement.



How to balance risk and reward with a fixed-indexed annuity

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Advisor Insights

As a financial professional, you offer advice and insights to your clients every day. But where do you go to get tips to maximize your own success? This section is designed to provide you with practical tips and tricks to help you gain a competitive edge.

3 Tips To Enhance Your Brand With Social Media

Social media offers a unique opportunity to engage with large numbers of potential clients and other industry experts. Here are three tips to help you leverage social media to enhance your personal brand:

1. Consistency is key
To be an effective social media marketer, you have to regularly create and share authentic content. Potential clients can’t find you unless you’re joining in the conversation. 

2. Find your platform
If you’re interested in sharing short videos, consider focusing on Facebook. Looking to grow your network in a more professional setting? LinkedIn may be the right place for you. Determining the type of content you want to create, and the audiences you’re hoping to reach, is crucial in deciding which platforms to focus your efforts on. 

3. Think less about sales and more about thought leadership
Use your content to position yourself as an expert in your field. Avoid sales-pitches and create thought-provoking content that benefits the reader. If you need a starting point, visit profiles of successful professionals in your industry and identify the topics that seem to be getting a lot of attention. 

Be sure to check Great American's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for posts and content you can share with your own network. Ultimately, social media is all about engagement. Whether you have a following of 100 or 100,000, you’ll only begin to see benefits if users are interacting with your content.